Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tarifa to Morocco

15th May - 19th May

It takes us 13 hours to get from Lagoa to Tarifa, a coastal town with ferries to Morocco. After two bus rides and a 3 hour stop at Huelva Bus Station we arrived at night, hungry and grumpy. After finding a cheap room, we took a short walk into the old part of town and found a great tapas restaurant called Au Carrio where all the walls are covered in newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and photographs of famous toreros and their bullfights.

Decided to save a bit of money and to finally use our tent and sleeping bags for a couple of nights. Caught a bus (nearly had to haggle the busdriver to stop at our destination which was 10 km away) and realized pretty fast that we were as stuck as stuck can be, not to mention that there no restaurants in sight and the tiny market has nothing and charges 4 times the price.

Our anniversary, which was May 17th and fell on the camping fiasco, was undeniably pathetic: cheap wine, white bread with cocktail sausages (that came through the other end this morning) and a can of corn. Hey but we used the tent and saved like 20 euros or something stupid like that.

The good part was that the beach was completely empty so we took's Tom admiring the scenery....

On day 3 at 9 a.m. we said "TO HELL with THIS", packed up our bags and left. Had to hitchhike for a ride back to town. Tonight we're gonna paint the town red and tomorrow we set off for Morocco for what we hope to be at least a 2 week excursion down the Atlantic Coast towns (Tangiers, Rabat, Fes, Casablanca, Marrakesh and Essaouira).


Jerry said...

The most impressive woodie since Eisenstein posed with a cactus in California.


Odysseus and Co. said...

You better believe it!

michelle bouley said...

hey Jane, you look beautiful!!!! It brings tears to my eyes! I love Esoira so much. Please have fun in Dresden, I will be in England in august. where will u all be by then, hi to Tom, play it safe and love and peace, Michelle