Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Krasnoyarsk - Краснояарск

31st August

We arrived here in the morning and spent the day wandering around
before our evening train left for Abakan, on route to Kyzyl, Tuva.

Of course, like every other town, there’s Lenin on Lenin Street.
The joke here is that if Lenin’s holding out his arm, he’s pointing to the nearest bar and if he has his thumbs in his braces then there’s no bar in sight.

Up on the hill over looking the town is the Chasovnya Chapel that features on the 10 rouble note. With nothing but time to kill we took a stroll up the hill and made an interesting discovery. Marijuana. Siberia is truly the last place we expected to see this plant growing wild.
We were reluctant to show (yet another) soviet urban landscape with electricity pylons in the foreground so here’s a picture of us at the top instead.
Me and the Intercession Cathedral…. looking like a pimp without a sell.


Anonymous said...

Weed? Did you pick some? Smoke it? Awesome.

Anonymous said...

the pot head comment was mine...oops...i'm stoned.