Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Spreading the Avian Flu

Before being entirely done with Laos, I would like to leave a humorous, yet true, episode.

After leaving the crew for some well deserved peace and quiet, Pat caught up on our 2nd day in Vang Vieng. Shortly after, he fell seriously ill of what he thought was the Avian Flu as he shared his train carriage with a cage of chickens. Not long afterwards, the rest of us (I'm talking Phil, Ursula, Sean, Tom and myself) fell ill with the same bug and were practically glued to our bed for days. Symptoms included extreme body aches, severe headache and a fever that had buckets of sweat dripping off us. I swore up and down that it HAD to be Dengue. Good thing we were all supplied with antibiotics and managed to crawl out of an emergency state to a somewhat normal state with hacking coughs.

Crossing the Friendship Bridge and back into beautiful Thailand made us all sigh with release because we were on our way back to health and sanity. However, our first guest house over the border in Nong Khai was run by a very fruity set of aging ex-pat hippies that charged three times the price for beer but still expected you to serve yourself. Real put-on shit!! Our goal: to disseminate the killer Avian Flu to at least 2/3 of the granola crunching population of Mut Mee Guest House and leave unnoticed. So far we have been able to detect 3 people with our familiar raspy cough.

All that's left to say is, "Can't you feel the love in this house, man? You look like you need a hug!".


simone said...

You poor things!! Who said thst travelling was all glamorous and fun, huh?

thinking of you guys and hope you feel better soon!!

Simone xo

Anonymous said...

AAARGH!! I read your blog whilst lying in bed sick so now I'm FREAKING OUT! From one crook traveller to another, get well soon.

nalz said...

OMG i cant believe you guys started spreading the love lol. im glad you guys are feeling better :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
How are you now? How do you fell?
Where are you going now? Do you still have antibiotic?

Anonymous said...

I told you not to kiss strangers!!! Never listens...

Anonymous said...

a virus causes flu. Antibiotics have no effect on viruses. Mother nature must have made you better.

Anonymous said...

hey strangers! where is the new blog. we the readers demand new blogs! WE WANT BLOGS! WE WANT BLOGS! anyway now that i got that out of my system. me and raya are taking care of your girl here. everything is ok and she couldnt be more loved. hopefully u guys r feeling great healthwise and everything elsewise. and we all look forward to seeing more pics and funny stories


Jerry said...

It definitely sounds like Dengue to me. I've had it twice, caught in Honduras. There's really nothing to be done but close your eyes and moan in pain. Only time heals. It can sometimes be serious, so I'm glad you survived intact.



Anonymous said...

I came across this blog by accident. I don't wish to be mean or bad-spirited but it is the dullest crap I have ever read.

What's the point?


Simon xxx