Monday, April 02, 2007

Viva Brasil!

as this is the last entry of the great roadtrip that lies behind us, i am lost for words. i can only close my eyes and touch the sand at my feet. i can only take in what the sun has offered me. i look back to all the faces of those i have loved since the first day of flight, and those that i have met down this long and dusty road. i am not allowed to forget the sea, that great body of water and her calm and rocking waves. i am not allowed to forget each word, each syllable pronounced, each satisfying gulp of food and drink and especially the toasts we made for and in each others company.

the dance is in all of us and we must abide to it with our eyes closed, bodies free of restraint and just swing.

thanks to everyone in Brasil for allowing me in on another secret.


michael said...

nice blog, picture stealer!

Sashka said...

hey love, i love you so so much. running into the boyz today made me miss you so much when neil started showing me his pictures of trancoso and stuff. you´re so damn photogenic damn it!! hope all is well, see you in a few months:)