Monday, July 31, 2006

Meet the Folks...

We have stayed in Kyiv amidst the company of some great people too long not give them an introduction.

The matriarch and culinary extraordinaire of the motherland, Alyona. This lady’s a card shark that would make Las Vegas tremble.
Volodia, a man deserving of much praise for his comprehensive and wordy explanations. He has the patience of five chess grandmasters put together and can melt any lady’s heart with his smile.
Masha, Alyona’s daughter and Zhenia’s older sister. She gives a new meaning to second hand finds with her fashion nose for less. This fashionista loves to dance to Ghengis Kahn’s greatest hits.
Alyosha, Masha’s son plays football almost as badly as Tom, however, he’s a successful Rollercoaster Tycoon (2) and is a dab hand at poker, jacking cars and solitaire. Nobody messes with Grandad, or as we say here, Dedushka. Andrey Gregorovich Nagorny not only has the best moustache both sides of the Dnipro River he can also silence any rowdy crowd with a mere raise of his eyebrow.

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