Monday, July 31, 2006


14th July – 16th July

Masha and her husband Volodia (another one) invited us to Odesa for the weekend which was great because we were planning to make our own trip down but all the trains were booked. We spent a couple of day in a “sanatoria” right on the shore of the Black Sea.

The styles on the beach were entertaining, dominated by butt-floss worn by both men and women, especially the old wrinkly ladies and the fat hairy geezers.
The beach was especially lovely at the end of the day when the sand cooled down and pink and blue fingertips left their marks on the sky.
We ate great shishlick and Uzbek food by the shore and watched the weekend fireworks.

Volodia and Masha gave us a whistle stop tour of Odesa which featured walking down the Potemkin steps to “Baby Schwartzenegger”, the local joke that supposedly celebrates Soviet youth and strength (we think).

Odesa’s hidden charm lies in the quiet courtyards between facing apartment buildings with overgrown vines and whispering alleyways.
Alexander Pushkin’s memorial.
The famous Opera & Ballet Theatre designed in Habsburg baroque style.


Anonymous said...

Vicky really wants to go to Odesa. glad you guys are all right after dropping out of cyberspace foer a while. So is the Orange Revolution over?


Vicky and Glenn

Odysseus and Co. said...

Mr Maroz (Frost) the leader of the socialist party sold out the other orange revolutionaries to back the pro-russian, ex-convict, Yanukovich, allegedly for $250m. The other ORs are split and are currently incapable of forming a strong opposition. So, i guess it has.