Monday, August 14, 2006

The New Look

14th August

We have given ourselves a fashion overhaul in time for our arrival in Moscow tomorrow morning.

Here Zhenia wears a new cropped do with a sophisticated white T for an easy get-out-with-style look. Tom sports a farmers tan with a red neck shirt design, a 3 week vintage beard, topped off with his signiture faux-panama hat.


Anonymous said...

Misha and me(fuck the grammatically correct snobs) love the new look, very prada-meets-wallmart, gucci-meets-hobo-redneck, armani-meets-....enough of that mishka says. We love you guys. It was great talking to you darling, I'll talk to you when you get to Moscow (Mishka's mother land.) Love,
Sasha & Mishenka

Anonymous said...

I love the the new look. Very Middle America Fab! I bet you'll fit right in....HA HA. They will know right away, just don't get into any cabs..


nalz said...

Hey Momma/Poppa!
i actually hadnt seen the blog in a couple of weeks. im glad to see you guys are still the 'trend' setters with your american gothic like outfits :-)
cant wait to read up on moscow soon.