Monday, August 28, 2006

Omsk - Омск

25th - 26th August

We arrived in Omsk at dawn and quickly found our way to our hotel, Hotel Omsk. Stanley Kubrick must have had soviet hotels in mind when he made The Shining. Stepping inside was like a strange time warp. Nothing had obviously been changed or upgraded or renewed for at least 40 years. It was beautiful. Complete with long desolate corridors, discolored wool upholstery and wallpaper print that makes you cry "nostalgia".

Omsk offers its tourists a ferry ride down the Irtysh River. "Come take the river air and see our beautiful city across the water." With nothing but time on a lovely breezy day we said, "Okay!" While not exactly scenic we did manage to have a jolly time.

Here's a river side view of our fantastic hotel.....

....and luxury riverside apartments....

Here are the cranes. The first thing that comes into view when arriving by train.

Next stop: Tomsk. The "Oxford of Siberia."

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