Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gili Trawangan

13th January - 22nd January

For us, Indonesia began on a remote island off the coast of Lombok. In the early dawn fisherman walk out into the sea and spread their nets while their wives wait patiently underneath the shade of a palm tree. While they sit, they supportively nudge their sisters with advice and remedy while their children play in the nearby sand. Behind the main street, sits a quiet village where not much happens but everything happens. There are two mosques that seem to be competing for the loudest and longest sermon while we sit quietly and listen to the call to prayer. Horse carts and bicycles are the main mode of transportation for both tourists and locals down the 2 km main drag. There are no roads, just dust and gravel.

An elderly lady sits crouched on the asphalt with baskets and bowls at her feet, feeding our hungry bellies with fresh gado-gado and tempe curry. She takes out a triangle-rolled palm leaf and opens it up to reveal rice that’s been cooked the old-fashion way, for hours and on low heat. The flavors of her dishes are a different mixture of peanuts, spices and coconut milk that we have not had before. We visit her everyday. “Good morning” and “Thank you very much” in Indonesia Bahasa always gets a smile from her and others not expecting.

The sunsets are sealed with color and the mist on the mountainside facing us makes us awake and silent.


Mishka said...

hey nomads,
just checked out the blog...beautiful writing! i am leaving in 2 days. i'm excited and sad at the same time because i won't have my fairy with me for a while. but hey, its going to be great and amazing. my backpack is packed, all the errands are accomplished, and i'm ready to go. see and talk to ya'll later.

Sashka said...

hmm, beautiful:) great image painted. i love you honey. will update blog soon. more to follow. so sad today. my baby left to brazil. the month countdown begins.
your favorite sister

Sashka said...

Darling, I've been slaving away all day to give you this gift...and 7 hours of computer bull will keep you occupied so you don't think about the baby that left you yesterday--sniff...but here it is...your travels
feel free to zoom in and check out your pics. check out my page, i have one too. love you darling. see you soon

Sashka said...

Sashka said...
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Sashka said...
watch both and enjoy

Mal and Sim said...

Hey T & Z. You like write good and very descript... and stuff. Make Malcolm feel not clever and write little like grey throat babbler monkey.
Happy to see you again one day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
How come there are no updates for almost 2 weeks. Shame on you.
Zhenechka I was so happy to hear your voice, it was a little bit sad. Probably it is time to come back - I feel sign of homesick in your voice. I love you and Tom very much and waiting for your stories around the kitchen table
I think you will need a little bit vacation after this trip. We'll do it. Love you more
Mama Raya