Monday, January 08, 2007

Kuala Lumpur

6th January - 9th January

Kuala Lumpur is a tall city, filled with skyscrapers that seem to have taken root midst historic districts and local markets. At first sight, or at least from our guesthouse window, KL feels like a familiar city, smelling of sewer and infested with all kinds of underground creature and crawlers. After we've had enough of the morning traffic noise, we boarded the monorail and headed to the Lake Garden district.

But first, we passed the old train station, an old gothic building with Islamic features and curves.
The National Mosque can house 15,000 worshippers and stands magnificent and serene.

A fountain near the mosque.

No monkeying around for Tommy-on the way to the gardens!
After many hills and stopovers, we reached the Lake Garden. The Hibiscus and Orchid Garden was a haven for the specially delicate flowers.
Finally, the Butterfly Garden was the real highlight. Thousands of butterflies scattered a jungle-covered area filled with fish and turtle ponds, tropical flowers and trees while children ran around in a flurry.
This indian-leaf butterfly resembled a dead leaf so well that it took us a minute to spot it.
Onward to Indonesia! First stop: Bali and then Lombok. See you soon.


Nalia said...

i need you to steal me a 'monkey' road sign.. i must hang that outside my apartment LOL

Sashka said...

Hey!!! Who's unemployed?? Meeeeeeee!!! yeah!! Zhenia, was the butterfly garden Tom's heaven or what?? I'm jelly:)

Glenn said...

Hey, did you guys escape the floods? Are you dry?

raisa said...

Hi Guys
You see it is not just mom's worry Glenn is also concern about the flood
Love you

Mishka said...

Hey guys, in 1 1/2 weeks i'll be in brazil!!!! following in your footsteps. i'm very anxious. thanks for checking out our blog. were all preparing for the trip. sasha's moving out of her place now. i'm going to pick up my visa today. zhenia, tom, ya'll have an awesome time out there.

zhenia said...

hey there worriers,

tom and i are as dry as can be! the floods didn't touch us at all. actually, when we arrived back to bali (from a secluded island off the coast of lombok where it doesn't rain at all and the humidity was up the wazoo) we were so greatful for some fresh air and a bit of rain. we are keeping our eyes and ears on flood warnings. take a deep breath, guys. love you all. t & z