Saturday, April 15, 2006

Back in Leeds

4/14/06 - Good Friday
First day in Leeds
We got the first sunny day in Leeds for weeks. I went to market with Dad, it's the largest covered market in Europe and full of nothing but class, including it's very own tripe shop....mmmm, tasty.

Zhenia skipped the sightseeing and helped Ma Lyons in the garden.


Leeds Utd 1 Reading 1
We went to the footy with Em, Rick & Dad. I ate chips with curry sauce and a pie, much to Zhenia's disgust. 20,000 Leeds fans sang.....

Who the fuck,
Who the fuck,
Who the fucking fuck are you?
Who the fucking fuck are you? the Reading fans. High brow stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys...glad to see you're on land (safely) and enjoying the local fesitivities. What's tripe anyway? I miss you both already...
The sun is always shining...
Fellow Sun-worshiper

Nalz said...

Howdy guys!
why on earth would anyone buy tripe at a stand!? gross.
btw, im using some spices tonight.. i'll make sure to let u know how it turns out :-)

Odysseus and Co. said...

sasha, you seriously don't want to know what tripe is. this was the exact same reason why i didn't join the boys when they went to town. it has something to do with the parts of the cow that isn't that edible. mix a bit of bread crumbs and the national brow sauce (same consistency as ketchup but darker-yes, you can only imagine the mystery), pop it in the oven and BAM! somehow it becomes edible. don't ask.

Anonymous said...

oh tripe!!! in brazil, talia and I got this brazilian dish with beans, veggies, and a mixture of meats (and yes, tripe was there!!! ivie informed us that it's the actual lining of the intestinal wall...and it was pretty damn chewy and slimy...sad to say that this dish turned talia off of eating any sort of beans for the rest of the trip..ha!

Odysseus and Co. said...

i certainly don't have the stomache for tripe, blood pudding or other delicacies they offer on this island. next time talia should just trust her own gut instinct (no pun intended). zhenia

Anonymous said...

hello zhenia,
with that suit i could see that you are ready, able and willing to work with the city street and whats up with those green rain boots....then the coffee mug. no realy did you just get done rolling down the hills in york shire....sweet mama!
love ya Laila