Monday, April 10, 2006

bowling and goodbyes at the Melody Lanes, Brooklyn

Back in Brooklyn, folks showed up for some bowling action and a chance to bid us farewell. Our crew definitely set the standard for a BLOODY GOOD TIME!! Team Mustard made Jesus bite his tongue while the Montrose man, Layla (who coincidently gave the Hasids a run for their money) and Phil Richter broke some bowling pins with their spins. The fags and dykes on the fourth lane had the worst score but they SURE did look good. The afterparty continued at the Great Lakes, the best damn bar in town. Here are the highlights....

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Again, thanks to everyone for such a great night.

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Chris said...

I wish the two of you the adventure of a lifetime! You will be missed ever so much. I hope on your travels you encounter good weather, great food, and only the best company to share it with (besides each other!) ...And remember: We will be living the dream through you. No pressure.