Tuesday, April 18, 2006

For a serious sweet tooth: Raspberry Trifle

Anyone who has ever been over ours for dinner could only expect one thing for dessert.

My raspberry trifle (or rather my mother-in-law's) has always been a great success (knock knock knock on wood). The Yorkshire countryside has inspired me to finally share it with everyone.

You will need:
sponge or pound cake (one Entenmann's pound cake is plenty);
4 fl oz (120 ml) Madeira or sherry;
12 oz (350 g) fresh raspberries (frozen work just as well);
500 ml custard (make sure that it's not too runny); and
6 oz double or heavy cream

Cut and arrange the cake to cover all the sides of the bowl. Make a few stabs in the sponges and sprinkle the Madeira or sherry carefully and evenly over them, then leave it all aside for half an hour so it can soak in.

Sprinkle all the raspberries over the top of the trifle sponges. Add the custard, a little at a time, to cover all the raspberries. Wisk the double cream and scoop it over the raspberries. Cover with plastic wrap and leave in the fridge for a couple of hours. Remember: the more time you give the trifle to sit in the fridge the more it will soak all that custard goodness. This recipe serves for 6, unless I'm in the near vacinity.


Anonymous said...

Nelly Belle says, "It's delicious, try it!!"

Anonymous said...

Sasha says, "Yum! Try it!"

Anonymous said...

glenn and vicky say "Eat 'em up yum!"