Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Sahara Desert: Part II

27th May - 31th May
Kasbah Erg Chebbi

On our last night in the desert we treated ourselves to a fairly touristic but fantastic camel trek into Erg Chebbi to a small oasis a few kilometres in. The Erg (basically an area covered by sand dunes) is about 20km long and 8km wide, which is tiny compared to some of those in Algeria, and is surrounded by "black desert" which is essentially flat sandy terrain scattered with black volcanic stone.

The desert is covered with camel shit, which is a dry, nugget like veriety. I imagine if ever lost in the desert, one need only find the inevitable trail of shit to find your way back to civilization.

Zhenia's camel had a serious attitude and spat in her face. Like all camels in Morocco, this one was called Jimi Hendrix and was also the leader, presumably because of it's prolific production of brown nuggets making a trail for the others to follow.

Here's me on the highest dune.

Zhenia didn't climb to the top because she'd created a new olympic "sport" she called "turban waving".

After the camel trek we are offered mint tea and tajine for dinner in the Berber tent under the starry sky.


BOY - WONDER said...

You guys are my heros!
Rock on! I love you!
P.S. Thanks for the guide.

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! Great Discriptive Writing! It's almost like I'm there with you.


magamet said...

I love that you found a way to make desert wear stylish

nalz said...

this is by far my favorite blog post. i have to say. the pictures dont describe the awe right now. zhenia, now u can say that jimmy hendrix one spat on your face ;-)

Anonymous said...

please can I have a copy of the camel leg picture. mumx