Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saxony Switzerland

21st June

As a birthday girl, I had a choice of what we were going to do on my glorious day. A day trip to Saxony Switzerland sounded nice so we took the afternoon train.

As we got off the train, the road led to an ancient forest and as we got deeper and deeper into the greeness the smell of moss and wet leaves was all around. Millennia have shaped the boulders and rocks into smooth shapes and we could see many trails of water and rain.

The hike through the forest didn't take long but when we approached Basei the view was unbelievable!

An old-fashioned ferry with an actual steam engine and a whistle took us back to Dresden down the Elbe river. The ride took three hours and was entirely filled with castles and mansions of the old times when Dresden was the financial and political capital of Germany. In 2004, UNESCO declared Dresden and the surrounding section of Elbe river valley to be a "World Heritage" site.

We arrived back in Dresden by 8 pm and Nazan (a wonderful woman from Turkey who was attending a conference in Dresden) organized a birthday party for me, full of hot and tasty Indian food, wine and even a chocolate cake with candles!! I was so surprised and flattered and even had the birthday song sung for me.


Chris said...

Holy amazing adventure batman! I am so happy to see and read that you are both having an inspirational journey. You are missed! Keep taking fantastical pics of your travels and writing those entertaining (and educational!) blurbs. Við sjáumst!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lady! Your celebration sounds amazing. I am totally envious as I sit here in my cubicle, wishing I could be there to celebrate. Missing you both.

* Abby

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I'm glad you're having an awesome trip! By the way, happy really belated birthday Zhenia! I have nothing but thanks to you both. And that's all I wanted to say today.


P.S. You both take such amazing pictures!

Nalz said...

Helloooooo :-)
so dresden is the place to be huh?
Well im glad you had a fantastic birthday and I only wish I was there. Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I remember that part of Germany with great fondness as its just down the road from Dusseldorf. If you miss anything (not likely)or need some marmite bringing out I'm your man. Come on England and come on Brazil because if we play France in the semis and they beat us we will never hear then end of it...!

Love Edermenna