Friday, December 01, 2006


Anyone who has been to Thailand for more than a month has been to and fro Bangkok too many times to count on one hand. This entry consists solely of pictures of this great city, one of many faces, ironies, humor and let's not forget, smiles.

Pat waves at entering Humphaluong Train Station, our favorite station in the world.

The city is filled with fast-flying mopeds, bulletins, smells of great variety and little nooks that make it a great place to stay.

A view from a quiet part of town, right near banks of the Thewet Ferry.

Chillies drying in the day market.

Wat Benchamabophit (the Marble Temple) on Sri Ayuttaya Road.

You can buy fish food on the Thewet Pier and feed the hungry mongers, while the pigeons look on hungrily.

The Leaning Buddha (reaching nirvana) at Wat Pho, Thailand's largest and oldest temple.

At a night market kids try to catch fish through a rice paper sieve and get a prize.

Since this is our last entry in Thailand as we are off to Malaysia in a few days for some new adventures, we would like to thank everyone who has been a part (directly and indirectly) of these last two wonderful months. Names not be mentioned, you know who you are. Chok-dee-kaa!!


Anonymous said...

hey guys!i guess i'm the only one who cares to leave a comment. (you really realize who your friends are,huh...). tomorrow is my last day at work. i decided to work one more day. oh, you should see your sister on a snowboard.AMAZING! she's like a natural athlete. beats me in everything from pool to arm-wrestling and everything inbetween. anyway, i'm a little sad that i won't be able to see you guys (my new found friends) before i go to brazil. i'm going first before sasha&friends. trying to get this pretty cool volunteer program set up. but i am really glad that yall are having a great time out there. keep doing what youre doing.


p.s. want more blogs, even though i'm the only one reading them at this much love

Anonymous said...

..CLEARING THE THROAt.. tHAT bastard!!! no wonder he says all these things, he's envious that i kick his ass in everything we do! HA! hehe, just kidding around. we all read your blogs and love you guys dearly. you know who your family is huh? cuz you call them!! mishka only gets to one-way communicate to ya. anyway, enough about that, have a wonderful time in Malaysia. mishka and I (i and mishka) patiently await your next blog, your next adventure, and of course, your next visit to brazil. love you, ciao

p.s. mama called him a "gadyuka!" and told me to set the record straight

Anonymous said...

hey, real quick...lately i've been feeling like its up to me to keep this family together. only after my blog, your sister and mom were guilted into writing to
have a great time in malaisia

love, mishka

your sister is trying to prevent me from writing

Mal & Simone said...

That comment verification thing asked me to enter yhzecx which I think is suspiciously close to Yahtzee.. which as you know... well lets just leave it at that and keep it an "in joke".
Great to see that you enjoyed diving! Look forward to hearing about Malaysia. We are gonna stop in there next year on our next trip and we are thinking of doing our divemasters there or in Nha Trang. Enjoy the rest of your ventures. Look forward to seeing you in NYC 2007!

Anonymous said...

hey tom & zhenia,
its mishka and sashka. we heard today that there were crazy floods in south malaysia and hopefully you guys are ok. im sure of it. but your mom is really worried, so please call asap and calm her worries. other than that have a great time. peace

xvaleriex said...

Hey =)
Hope you guys had a good Christmas!!
Just leaving a msg before we go to see Grandad!! Happy Birthday Tom!!! Enjoy the day and be good!
Glad you're having so much fun...we're very jealous!

Liz, Val & Jen! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Tomik
Happy Birthday
It is very special birthday because different people, various ages, from all over the world - UK, USA, Ukraine, Australia, Israel and around are thinking and talking about you. I wish you stay the same person you are now – loveable, kind, genuine, reliable and many more good qualities. We all love you and hope to have a toast for your health and love for many-many years to come. Many kisses from all of us. Happy birthday

mishka said...

hey tomka,
happy b-day!!!!!!!!! i hope zhenia is making it special for you... because it takes a lot of effort to put up with the beautiful nagornys. (i know). anyway, happy travels and new year and all. i've grown very attached to your blogs guys. and they're getting more scarce nowadays.
well, happy b-day!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Tom, I just got home and wanted (before the day was over) to wish you a wonderful birthday!!! Hope you're celebrating somewhere in the beautiful places in the world, savoring every moment of this wonderful year and the next. I love you, will see you very soon, kisses to my sister. Love always,
Sasha (and Talia) and MIshka ofcourse