Friday, December 01, 2006

Koh Phayam

18th November - 23rd November

With Sarah as the new addition to the travelling crew
, we headed over to Koh Phayam, a small island still in its beginning stages of tourism where bungalows are scattered on the beachfront and electricity is powered solely by generators and solar panels.

Tom got sick (again) and was in bed for two days while we got stuck in paradise for longer than we had planned (how very disappointing).

We spent every day walking on the shore and collecting beautiful shells. Here is Zhenia's collection for the day though she returned it all back to the sea after the picture was taken.

The sand crabs were everywhere, nesting little balls of sand in explosions of star-shapes and then rushing back to their holes for safety.

Baby sand dwellers leave their mark.
The sunset was SHOCKINGLY beautiful.

And by night, the little fellers come out in all shapes and sizes. We all found little friends everywhere on the beach. Pat was no exception.

We took very few pictures here we're afraid, we were too busy drinking Whisky sodas on the beach while Tom sweated his fever out in bed.

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