Friday, December 01, 2006

Prachaup Khiri Khan

14th November - 16th November

On a whim
we decided to stop in this nondiscript town and on arrival we were pleased to find that the three of us made up half the backpacking population.

Our first day was spent on the beach that, strangely, is located within the local air force base. We won't bore you with beach pictures, suffice to say that the sea was warm and the beer cold.

The next morning Pat and I decided to go to the north of town to climb Khao Chong Krajok or Mirror Tunnel Mountain for the view but mainly to feed the monkeys.

This old man just sat at the bottom watching the world go by.

We picked up a bunch of bananas and several bags of peanuts from this lady who kindly accompanied us all the way to the top with a catapult, lest the monkeys rip us to shreads - the greedy little bastards. I'm firmly of the opinion that she saved us from being eaten alive or at the very least a serious case of rabies.
Here Pat nears the top, joined by a little guy grabbing peanuts from his hand.

Pat begins to be surrounded. The smaller one has his eyes on the bananas just out of shot, fortunately so was our protector with her catapult so he didn't dare climb up Pat's leg.

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