Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mama Raia!!!

4th December

Happy Birthday, mama!!! What a special day for you and so many people around you. For those that cannot be near you to kiss you and hug you, here's a little collage I put together for your birthday enjoyment.

Remember when Sasha and I looked like this?

And Sasha always seemed to be hungry, either munching on something crunchy or waiting sadly for a potato to boil.

You and papa had just gotten married and everything seemed so new and exciting.

And we always loved the way papa looked at you and wanted that same loving glance with our own men.
And all the pictures looked like this, full of memories and stories; always so many stories.

Meeting old friends included tables of food and never feeling too tired at the end of the night.
Remember the first few months in America? Sasha and I were always playing some game, making a funny face at papa's camera lens. Everything was a celebration; everything seemed to be happening for the first time.

Here's a toast to you, in Russian and in English, across the globe in Thailand, Ukraine, Russia, and America. For your health and happiness, 12 hours ahead (for me) and with smiling faces around you right now, eating home food and drinking a roomka of vodka with a zakuska. But before we drink...

Copy the following link into your browser, press PLAY and enjoy your surprise....

I love you, mama and happy birthday from the both of us.

Zhenia and Tom


Anonymous said...

My dear, loved Zhenechka and Tomik
Thank you so much for this big gift
It really took me by surprise and made me even more happier
Now I think now lucky I am to have you and Sasha with Micha in my life.
They also made my day so special – Sasha made a Birthday cheesecake with candles and Misha cooked so many delicious meals- he didn’t let me do anything. It was very touching.
My friends came over and I showed your greeting. I had the Best Birthday. Thanks.
Love you

Anonymous said...

This is sooooooooooooooo sweet. You guys are very thoughtful. Raichik was very touched and you made her special day even more special. Super cute baby pics.


Anonymous said...

hey guys,
you should have seen your mom yesterday. she was glowing with joy. the only thing is your video stole all my brownie points i thought i scored with raya. lol. but, the party was great, after we ate, me, sasha, and my sister just sat back and watched the russians in action. its better than any movie. their conversations are overwhelmed with drama, exaderations, etc. you know how it is. i gave my notice last week...january 15th is my last day!!!!!!!!!!!yey. getting ready for the snow and with it...yes you guessed it SNOWBOARDING!!!!!!!! i can't wait and that's about it for today. guys, you are my heroes and i can't wait to join your ranks.
yours always, mishka

Anonymous said...

p.s. my last day december 15th at work. typo